Founded in Dallas and driven by the mission of improving oral health among the Hispanic community, our association has a local scope that strives to increase people’s access to oral health care.

According to the 2012 US Census, Hispanic’s in the city of Dallas represent about 42.4% of the entire population. The Texas Department of State Health Services projects that the population in the state of Texas by 2015 will be 27,735,446; 11,118,603 will be Hispanic, with 3,633,690 of those individuals residing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Based on these statistics, it’s evident that the Hispanic segment of the population inhabiting our local area will continue to be underrepresented by health care professions by 2015.

Therefore, NTHDA will play a major role during this time and in the future as the Hispanic population continues to grow and expand. We stand in a unique position to help meet the needs for this population by working towards our vision.

Hispanics need to be taken into account in different programs that are developed for access to health care. They need associations like the NTHDA, which operate in a service-oriented manner, are capable of providing culturally-oriented oral health education, and support the expansion of access to oral health services.