Lecture with Natalyn Lewis of Legally Mine
March 15, 2019
Dr Carling McMichael’s Visit
September 9, 2019
It is with great joy that we congratulate Dr. Margarita Correa for the success of the ten years of her Prisma Dental, a Family Dental and Orthodontic Care clinic in Frisco TX. Among the treatments offered by Prisma Dental are Preventive Treatments, Restorative Treatments, Advanced Dental Implants and Endoret® Tissue Regeneration, Braces, Cosmetic treatments and more. Call Prisma Dental today at (972) 668-7398. About Dr. Correa - Dr. Margarita Correa first graduated in 1988 from the Institute of Health Sciences in Colombia, and worked as an independent dentist in South America for 11 years. During these years, she sharpened her abilities by attending numerous dental seminars, conferences, and continued education courses, such as Straight Wire Orthodontic Techniques, among others. Dr. Correa continued to pursue her passion for dentistry by going back to dental school at Loma Linda University in California. In June 2007, she received her second degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) in the USA. Along with providing exceptional dental care to all of her patients, Dr. Correa also enjoys giving back to the community in any way she can, and recently launched The Soccer Smiles Tournament to make it possible for under-served children to receive free dental health screenings!