Welcome to NTHDA!

The North Texas Hispanic Dental Association (NTHDA) is the professional North Texas chapter of the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA). We are an association of Hispanic oral health professionals and students who strive to increase oral health awareness among the Hispanic Community in North Texas.

Our members include dental care professionals from multiple areas within the Dallas/Fort Worth area. As a professional health society, we provide advocacy and leadership opportunities to individuals pursuing a career in oral health care.

Mission and Vision

Founded in Dallas and driven by the mission of improving oral health among the Hispanic community, our association has a local scope that strives to increase people’s access to oral health care.

As the leading voice for Hispanic oral health, we provide service, education, advocacy, and leadership for the elimination of oral health disparities in the Hispanic community.

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We Are Committed To

  • Becoming the voice for the Hispanic oral professional in the Greater North Texas area
  • Promoting oral health initiatives for the Hispanic community through improved awareness and access to services
  • Advocating research initiatives and education concerning Hispanic oral health problems
  • Generating venues in which the community as well as oral health professionals can be informed
  • Encouraging and supporting Hispanics to pursue careers in oral health
  • Designing continuing education events for professionals in oral health serving the Hispanic Community

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